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force and angles will determine your rate of speed

some words from Coach Moody…


Just as we wrap up and put closure to another Speed Development Training Session the other day, a father ( to a basketball player, who is not one of my athletes YET ) mentions to me that what he witnessed for the past 15 minutes was “Good Stuff.” I responded with a “Thank You” as we both walked out the door, and as he lit up his cigarette he brings to my attention that “You know you can’t teach speed. You either have it or you don’t.”


Well obviously you know that this stopped me in my tracks. I said “Really?” What do you think we were doing in there? As he took a deep breathe full of carcinogens, he kinda shrugged his shoulders with an uncanny expression on his face.

It was at this point that I realized this gentleman had no clue as to what defined speed, what components made up speed or the “type” of training to acquire speed. So, it was time for a brief educational period.


“So, your daughter plays basketball?” I asked. As we begin conversing about her position, school and age, “Why do you bring her here?” “To make sure she is shooting correctly, and that she gets a step up on her competition” he adds.


I asked if she was consistent from the free throw line? He said, “Oh absolutely. One of the highest percentages on her team!” I applauded that this was great and commendable. I said you can always count on B.E.E.F. You know, Balance, Eyes, Elbow and Follow-Through! He said “Yep, she practices her foul shots every free moment she gets.” “So, she wasn’t born knowing how to shoot a foul shot or the concept of B.E.E.F.? She didn’t just have it? Someone had to coach and teach her the mechanics and through repetition and proper cuing she has become more proficient?” I expressed to him that this was skill development at a fundamental level. Michael Jordan is one of basketballs greatest players, but was well known for practicing his free throws until the day he retired from the game. And he utilized repetition every day to solidify this skill. It’s a good thing Michael Jordan never thought, “you either have it or you don’t.”


Like free throws, speed is a skill. Speed can be taught and obtained. I have been instrumental in teaching athletes at multiple levels on how to become faster. If speed was an absolute genetic gift, how would Olympic sprinters routinely break records at the games and require a coach?


Sports involve a blend of movement patterns at various rates, complexities and angles. The greater your ability to accept, redirect and project yourself at the proper angles the faster you will become.


Speed can be taught with the proper knowledge of biomechanics, rate of force development and a coach (hint…hint ME!) that has associated with the top coaches in the world. It requires and eye and an understanding!



damanstrength.com | gamespeed.biz

Mr. Fantastic!

Rubber Bands

post by Shawn Moody

Mr. Fantastic…


That is the name they should give some of these “speed guru’s”!

I see this sh** ALL of the time! The coaches that strap the rubber bands around the ankles of the entire football team and have them perform
various agility ladder drills.


WHAT??? and I mean WHAT is that all about? ONCE AGAIN,… I’ll ask what is the desired outcome? So…. change of direction is about deceleration and ground force production produced with “PROPER’ biomechanics…..


Why then load hip abduction with a band? AND……….AND what if the athlete has a lack of hip mobility or poor mechanics? You know external or internal hip rotation? SURE… makes perfect sense to load the movement.


ATTENTION ALL PARENTS… ask your speed guru how this method helps and if the answer sounds like something from Charlie Brown….


Well…….call me.. write me… anything!
-Shawn Moody

Strongman Event and Kenzie’s Krew

This coming Saturday we will be having out 3rd Annual DST Strongman Fundraiser for Epilepsy and Kenzie’s Krew!

Here is the video with all information!

YouTube Preview Image

Here is some footage from last years event!

YouTube Preview Image

SERIOUS Training Highlight! Check it out!


I have been compiling some training highlights throughout the week! Here is a quick highlight of some DST athletes in action!

Lots of great training here! Awesome environment, awesome coaches and awesome athletes!

YouTube Preview Image

If YOU want to be stronger, more athletic and just plain mentally tough like these DST athletes click the link below!



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Strong Mind and Strong Body! Youth at Work!

When I first started our Youth Body Weight Program I wasn’t sure how it would go or even if it would turn into a solid program.
It has been one the most successful programs in terms of seeing these athletes from the start. These guys in this video have been training for a long time now. When they first started they were unable to perform the simplest movements with strength and control.
We hammered away all body weight training. We did tons of bear crawls, crab crawls, push-up holds, recline rows, body weight squats, you name it we did it.
We built the work ethic, we built the confidence and the strength was being built throughout the training!
We are 7 months into training and these guys are continuously getting better. Not only do they come ready to train every week. They always do their workouts at home!
Parents! Get YOUR young athletes involved in a proper program! Check out the video here!
YouTube Preview Image


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THe X-Athlete Program: It’s open NOW!!




DST an GameSpeed are NOW bringing The X-Athlete Program in full force! It’s simple…

  • DO YOU want to train like an athlete?
  • Are YOU tried of getting injured while training?
  • Sick of sitting on machines YOUR whole workout?

Have YOU thought about what YOU really want? The X-Athlete program offers….

  • Structured workouts designed to get you strong, jacked and keep YOU healthy!
  • Train in the most positive environment YOU have ever been around!
  • Train with other like-minded X-Athletes who want to take their life and training to another level!

This video will convince YOU that this X-Athlete Program is for YOU!


YouTube Preview Image





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Elsa Concetta Daman

I want to send out this post to all of DST! Everyone has showed so much support for my wife and our first child!
What an experience!! Hands down the best day of our lives! Every athlete at DST and every parent made it a point to contact us either by text, phone call or email. We truly have a great facility with great people!
My coaches all stepped up and helped run DST! A special thanks goes to Shawn Moody, Bryan Beightley, Mary Fututo, Aaron Petrun and my man Derek Moye for helping run some groups as well!
May 8th Elsa Concetta Daman arrived at 8:44 am! What a special day for our families! And the newest addition to the DST family as well!
I now have to assign a few athletes to become body guards!!


The joy this little girl has brought into our lives is amazing!
I thought I was strong. My wife completely put me to shame on May 8th as she gave birth completely natural!
She hadn’t slept in 24 hours and was able to stay strong.
The nurse and doctor both said this to my wife. “We have been doing this for a long time and have NEVER seen anyone as strong and tough as you!”
The Daman Family thanks you all for your support and we truly appreciate it!
Thank YOU!
RICK, Dena and Elsa Daman!!!

Tire Flips: Strongman Training

The 3rd Annual DST Strongman Competition is set for June 30th. This will be the 3rd year we help raise money for the Epilepsy Foundation of Western Central Pennsylvania and “Kenzie’s Krew”!
I thought last year was competitive. Well, this year is going to be real competitive! These guys are ripping through these 600 lb tires like they are nothing!
Check them out here….
600 lb tire flips looking easy…
YouTube Preview Image



YouTube Preview Image



YouTube Preview Image



YouTube Preview Image


YouTube Preview Image


If YOU want to be strong and explosive like these athletes and be able to rip through 600 lb tires then click the link below!!




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Jeter Heads to Vanderbilt!

DST Athlete Sheldon Jeter has chosen to take his talents to Vanderbilt University in the fall. Sheldon has put in the time and effort and deserves the best!

Sometimes you come across athletes who are the best and think that talent alone will carry them.
NOT Sheldon! He spend his entire off-season preparing for his senior year. It paid off in more ways than just winning a W.P.I.A.L Championship!
His desire to be great will take him to even bigger places in life!
Sheldon might be a great basketball player but he is an even better person. DST wishes him ONLY the best as he continues his career at the college level!!


YouTube Preview Image

You Gotta Start Somewhere!!

I want to talk about Zach Tame a football player from Rochester! At our coaching facility we ONLY accept SERIOUS athletes.
I’m NOT talking in terms of strength or skill. I am simply talking about how bad you want “IT”!
Zach came to DST last year and literally had trouble with everything. He couldn’t do 1 push-up. Had issues with mobility/flexibility and doing a body weight squat was a struggle!
Zach NEVER missed, NEVER complained, NEVER quit, NEVER once got discouraged and thought, “this is too hard”! He kept busting his a** and today is crushing workouts today!
This is what DST is all about. We don’t want the athletes who “think” they are good enough. We don’t want the athletes who “think” they are already strong.
That’s NOT what this coaching facility is about. It’s about getting DST athletes better. We don’t care what other gyms do or what other athletes are doing. We ONLY care about what WE do and how WE will get it done. PERIOD!
I attached a short testimonial of Zach and a short video of Zach dead lifting 275 lbs for 3 reps. To anyone who sees this video or reads this post you have to first visualize Zach unable to perform any body weight training. Push-ups, planks, pull-ups, walking lunges, body weight squats.
From his 1st day over a year ago to May 2012 Zach has set goals and smashed them!
 Listen to Zach here…

YouTube Preview Image


Now Watch Zach Here…
YouTube Preview Image


These results are ONLY typical if the athletes are dedicated to our program and do what everyone else is NOT doing!
If YOU are a struggling athlete in the weight room and YOU want to take YOUR strength to another level find the link below!
If you already have an EGO before you want to train here your best bet is to NOT even sign up for a trial workout.





If you’re EGO free and want to get better then click on the link below!
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