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Over the past year I have seen a few girls that have became injured during sporting events. I had some girls from a local high school come to DST last year with their coach.

The one that sticks in my mind the most was the girl that was just released back to activity. She blew her knee out 6 months prior.

Could that have been prevented? Maybe or maybe not. The bottom line is if your daughter is involved in multiple sports they need to prepare the body for the demands of the sport.


My wife and I will be having our first child in less than 4 weeks. We are having a girl. With her parents being extremely active people she will grow up around a healthy lifestyle from day one.
She will understand and see the value in being mentally and physically strong!
If you pay close attention to these girls in the pictures and videos the misconception of girls getting “bulky” is put to rest. They have each gained some quality muscle and have put on close to 5 pounds over the past 2 months.
Quality muscle and quality strength!


Back to the group of high school girls who came to DST.
I was concerned and really wanted her to get involved in our program. Unfortunately she did NOT and about a month after that she blew her other knee out. She is 16 years old and has blown out both knees.

There is a misconception that females shouldn’t train. It’s time for uncles and brothers to keep quite because they are clueless of the importance when it comes to female athletes and training.


Our female athletes are AWESOME! They learn extremely fast and pay close attention to detail. This helps them progress quickly and ONLY get better results, FASTER!
You can’t always leave the decision up to the athlete. Parents MUST step up and get their competitive athletes involved in a proper coaching facility.
Our facility not only builds a better athlete. We build character, discipline, a solid work ethic and a will to succeed! These are VALUES that are overlooked today in our youth!


Males athletes train to get stronger, reduc the risk of injury, build muscle and prepare for the upcoming season. This applies 100% to why ALL female competitive athletes NEED to get involved into a coaching facility!

If your daughter is looking to play sports at the college level getting them into a proper program will ONLY put them a head of the other athletes she will be competing against for that scholarship or starting position.




Here are 2 videos of female athletes. The first video shows 3 athletes who are in their Phase I and Phase II workouts.

YouTube Preview Image

The second video shows 3 other females athletes who have been training for over a year. Both videos are impressive and these girls will see and feel that all their hard work is going to pay off during the season.


These girls are tough and have a great work ethic! They have invested their time into a proper coaching facility and will only succeed through our program.
If you’re interested and want to train with these DEDICATED athletes click the link below!


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