Shoot, Dunk, Block Shots, Train & DOMINATE!!


Sheldon Jeter of Beaver Falls basketball has the right mind set when it comes to preparation! At 6-7 he has elevated his game to another level over the past 6 months. Sheldon has gone from 198 lbs to 210 lbs.



This is just the beginning of Sheldon’s Journey. I have come across countless number of athletes who think talent alone is enough to succeed.

It’s a shock to them when they decide to play at the college level and they are getting dominated by bigger, stronger and more physical athletes. The majority throw in the towel and call it quits.

To hard, to many excuses, coaches fault and so on. NOT Sheldon Jeter! Not only does he accept the push from people around him he is extremely motivated and has HUGE future goals! 

This past weekend Sheldon was awarded MVP of the Pittsburgh Shoot Out. The Pittsburgh Shoot Out is an All-Star Game for the “The BEST” basketball players in the Pittsburgh area. Expect to hear about Sheldon Jeter for a long time!

Here is a training highlight video of Sheldon produced by Rubino Productions at Pay close attention to Sheldon’s interview. He gets “it”!!



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