Wrestlers in Action!!

Another Day to be Great!!
Here is a video of two wrestlers who have been training at DST for 7 months. Now that wrestling season has ended it’s time to start pushing the mind. This workout is 5 rounds of non-stop training. I put this workout in when they got there to see how they would react to it. They were up for the challenge. Not only did they complete the workout they crushed it!! During the workout I wanted to see their effort and how hard they pushed. My job is to coach them and  push them as well. Never once did I see doubt in their eyes. I want them to understand that when the match is on the line, their opponents have a slight edge or it’s overtime that they are capable of  mentally turning things around! Never waste time waiting to win. They have to grab it!!
5 Rounds: Non-Stop <—- Click Here!!!!
1. Double KB Cleans: 10
2. Spidermans: 10
3. Snad Bag Carries: 1x (down and back on the parking lot)
4. Battling Ropes: Alternating, Slams, Alternating: 10 each
5: Prowler Sprint: 1 x (FAP)
Don’t forget to visit my website at www.damanstrength.com to keep updates on the success of our athletes!!
Have a great week!

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